Sep-7-2011 water color studies

This piece below  is by Vyloncis, and is also one of my favorite in class. I call it “the Snow White Apple”, for it is parallel to the apple made by the bad queen, with one half look delicious and the other half not so much. The colored side and the black & white side forms a very interesting contradiction. The structure of the apple is very 3-dimentional and concrete, and the edges are very well-defined. And the hue is clearly rendered.

This is a very attracting piece to me. The colors on this squash are lively working with each other, creating a sprite effect of light without descending the orinal color (the freshness) of the vegetable. The use of shadowing is very smart, for it is not exactly blue or black. It’s a mixture of purple and blue, and thus the exactly shape of the shadow becomes less rigid. The texture is carefully rendered, and each mark on the vegetable are very realistic.

These paired onions and apples are what I admired when watching. The artists looked and studies the subjects from different angle, resulting two very different looks of the same subject. Angles are quite hard to manage, but I think they both did a very good job. Also, the color used on the onions are not purely purple, which made the whole picture more balanced and harmounious. The dilusion of water on the second apple illuminates the boarders but still tells the audience what is happening with water and color.

I was quite proud of this piece at the beginning, but then I realize that it is lack of life, or sparks. This doesn’t mean I don’t like it, or this is wrong, but I do feel that there are more possibilities for me to explore with this work.  I did very careful studies of this apple, including it’s line, color, texture and form, and this process enformed my skill of illustrating the subject. The lines are well defined in picture, the colors and transaction of the colors are very suttled. However, the scale of hue is not played out, so this picture seems to be very flat, and lifeless. The effect of light is not very attention-catching. Next time I may take advantage of the scale, draw bigger subjects so that the detailes can be taken care of.

Also, my classmates mentioned the use of empty space. Using the empty space to create a sense of space and imaginary possiblities is what I’ve never thought of before. Moreover, the empty space may creat a umblanceness of the structure, which might be fun to explore.


~ by xilain on September 12, 2011.

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