Xingxiao C, K-meng Vision

Xingxiao C (醒小C) is a photographor from Chengdu, my home town and also the capital of my province. Chengdu is famous for its beautiful girls, delicious food, and the relaxingly slow tempo of lifestyle.  Originaly as a fashion designer and model, she developed a personal style with attitudes. Latter in the time she gave up designing and modeling, officially became a photographor. Her blog includes may works she’s been doing ever since 2008, and her personal progress in style and technique is so obvious that her blog become a stimulation for encouragement to me. She and her studio, team K-meng are mostly taking commertial photos, but they all devote so much emotion into their works that they usually come out very evokative and haunting.


~ by xilain on September 26, 2011.

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