Painting 2–Class Reflection

This is a very frustrating piece, for all what I did was just a still life, and this is quite boring to me. This scence is one corner on the terrace of the Mclain library, and this is one of my favorite spot on campus. I like doing my homework and reviewing for exams at on of the tables behind the windows on the left. But each time I rise my head I will see the same view again and again, and I was never tired of it. I always enjoy the wind, sunshine and open sky.

To depict the sense of space, I lengthened the structure of the beams and windows, and deepened the space by minimize subjects that are further away. I was really careful on colors, and used what is very theoritic structure. That is why my painting came out with rigit lines and colors that don’t seems to match and dilute well. At first, to attract attention and exaggerate why is close by, I painted a huge ladybug on the closest chair, but eventully I realize what didn’t see can’t be real in this picture, and then cut off the button cornor of the picture. After this, I sticked the left page onto another sheet of paper, and added the bluish stone floor, and a even bigger chair to pull up the scale.

There are many things I can improve in this picture:

1, Scale: I’m still quite weak on scale. Although I understand the theory very well, practise is another matter. I will try to play with scale and make my pictures more fun to look at.

2, Colors: At first my colors didn’t reflect on each other, since I was too concentrated on the subjects individually. I fixed it latter, of course, but if I’ve noticed it earlier, the hue will be more unified.

3, Lines: The picture came out more lively with colors, but the lines are still too rigid to be fun.

Reflection and commends on other’s works:

I saw the whole process how Maria conquered this piece. It was amazing! She had very simple line base for this picture, so the color advanced the real effect of this picture. The scale is very adventurous in this piece, and the close look of the robot is detailed and attention-catching. She took a good advantage of the tools. In the back,  the seeds are realistic in a sense that it is pull close to the viewers, although in theory, or in the space she arranged in the picture, it is far away deep in  the distance. There is a fullness as well as emptyness in the lay out, for the space offers many opportunities to develope, while the subjects in the picture keeps the viewer’s eye busy.

Layla is another “group member” who shares the same tables with me. Layla seems to did most of the work off class, where I didn’t see the steps she took to finish the project. However, it was a surprise when one day she came in with her finished work. Colors in this picture is intelligent–the dark comes forward while the light is hidden behind the window. This not how usually the dimention goes, but in this picture she created a vast space behind the beams. The high hills contrast the cathlic window in shapes, scale and context. The small hills are very sharp and edge, this disturbed the smoothness of the big  window in an interesting way. Also, the modernlized high hills brings feminism into sarcasm towards the rigid, strict Cathelic context with a diluted color such that the sarcasm is gentle rather than bloody.


~ by xilain on September 27, 2011.

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