Painting 3–In class process

This is the very first time I work with water color in such a big scale. I’m really excited about this paiting. I used light and sharp pencil to trace the lines and did the fram work. Now in this stage, I used light brown to set basic light-dark effect, and is about to add more colors on other subjects. One thing I’m concerned is that water color usually turn out to be quite light. So I may add may layers of color just to secure the hue.


~ by xilain on September 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “Painting 3–In class process”

  1. […] This is the final of painting 3. Click here to see it in process […]

  2. […] [Lexi]: … “Risk” is something that definitely [is] not on my name tag. Maybe because I was afraid of it, or maybe it’s just my nature to stay safe. …I was very uncomfortable when I overlapped the four big color palette on my “precious” piece, and felt that my heart was bleeding. … and the more I put on my painting, the more excited I get. And when I finished the whole picture, suddenly I am relieved–Finally I can breathe. … Overall, this project dragged me deep in thoughts, and [I] really thought about what I can change to improve myself, and what I can do to make my works more than just “precious paintings”. […]

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