Some interesting art works

This post will be more focused on interiol design or furnitures.

The Japanese anime artist Miyazaki almost built one third of my childhood, and Totoro is one of my favorite characters. These couches are less likely to be designed according to the human systerm engineering theories, but their appearance are conforting enough. Sometimes furnitures doesn’t have to be all mechanical or made in inported advanced materials. What a subject bring to the viewer or the users can be purely emotional. These couches calls up my childhood memory, and that’s what I’m found of. Maybe this is the case of abstract art as well. People connect what they see to what is seared or inprinted in their mind, and echos the piece.

A couch, again! Different from the Totoro couch, this couch is more on a material matter. Can somthing be functional as well as delicious? This is it! The artist plays with the idea of food and furniture, and blend them into a very intriguing union. I can’t tell from the picture the size of this project, but even looking at it makes me hungrey. It combines taste and feeling of touch, very brilliant.


What’s left in the cup? Transparent matierals can be displayed in many funny ways. It is the transparency cause trouble, while it’s also the transparency makes it so interesting. The glasses will lose it’s essence without the colored liquid in it, and maybe what’s dirty behind is what makes transparency always so tempting?


~ by xilain on October 4, 2011.

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