Design drasfts–from magazines

The pictures in the post are all what I found on websites. They are not done by the same artist, and I found then in differen times, but they all share some similarities. Fations sometimes can be tacky, and so does the way people display then, but the pictures I found are all in a beauty of simplicity. The shape and elegance of women are so vividly depicted that there’s no so-called fashionable colors needed.

Everytime I look at these pictures I learn something. It’s something hard to explain, but can be used when I have a pencil or brush in hand. What intrigues and inspired me will always appear in my future works, and I consider this a very good process of learning. Not just practise makes a good improvement, exploring and reflection does too. Altough I don’t always write down what I had in mind, they come to me the moment I need them.

I’m always very into women’s body, but not in a crazy way. I couldn’t understand why the Romans were so into the naked men and women, but now I appreciate the beauty of human bodies in the same way. The  curves, either rigid or bulging, can all be perceived as movements. The beauty of women and their body exists everywhere in our daily life, and it’s just hard not to observe, sketch and sear in mind.

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~ by xilain on October 6, 2011.

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