sketch book

Chocolate cookie! YES!! I hopte it looks delicious, but the waterly color muted the sharp edge, and didn’t turn out to be that inviting. The paiting process is very tempting. I couldn’t resist eating the cookies and eventually I left none of them to take a picture.

These banboos are on the desk of my roomate’s. It’s the only living creature that we have. We loved the green and mirth of life it delivers. It’s hard to depict the texture of class. I tried dry brushes and it turned out pretty well.  I added a little red on the small rocks, so this picture doesn’t look deadly green.

This pump/faucet? Although I don’t know the name of this subject, it atrracts me with it’s silver gliter. It shine under the sun and the glow is very pretty. I tried to express the metal surface it has, but the dry brush didn’t work this time. Maybe a strong contrast in terms of value may help.

I found this coloumn on my way back home, and I took out my pen and sketched it down. I always love red bricks. The brownish-red is a symbol of history and tradition. It looks very settled. I wanted to paint it brick by brick, but it would be too over to be that precised. The lines here are messy, but I think them serve as a foil to the heaviness of the coloumn.


~ by xilain on October 25, 2011.

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