I am truly inspired by the colors of these two paintings, one by Vyloncia, one by Mia. I admire people who can mix such bright colors into one painting and still leave the harmouny in it. I was too conservative and was trained to be precised and safe, so  color now has become a challenge to me.

Here is one picture that I found interesting, and somewhat connected to the colors used in the two paintings above. It’s not about just dark colors and light colors and how to use them to create value. In this painting, colors are brought to a lever where  more is less. All the scattered color works together but still keep the basic princile: value, lines, and shapes.

Here is what I did to try to adapt colors. Not exactly what they used in the above pictures, but this small color test below cost me quite a lot of time. I thought about using variaty of colors to depict value and shapes, and I didn’t us a single line to try to form a base. It turns out maybe too bright. It’s hard to focus on the picture below, but I still enyoed the process in which I’m absorbing others’ technique/idea.


~ by xilain on October 27, 2011.

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