Chen Man and Related Inspirations from Class


I’m continuously finding interesting color effects in other forms of art. In this case, it’s photography. Chen Man is my favorite photographor. Her pictures contains a certain attitude that no one else can mimicrate or steal. Here are two major elements that I realize from class that I’m lack of: color and attitude.

The two pictures I put in the previous posts share similar features–colors. Since I was too conservative with the planning and colors of my paintings, I hope I can add more into my final project.  And I will include my color platte for the final in next week’s process log.

As to attitude. Uh…attitude might be the weaker part of my personality. I am not dare to express many of my thoughts frankly. Or maybe I was opress under the Asian stereotype for too long that silent became a “virtue” in my value.

The two figures below have such intense expression that I’m affected by their emotion. Chen Man is a rebeliant woman who holds a pride for all of her works, thus the confidence exuded in her pictures become obivious. Wether it’s the use of light or angle, the exposure time or special effect such as rain, are all manipulated by her in a personalized way.

I found the same kind of attitude and confidence in Layla’s work. The high hills are very feminine, but at the same time powerful and piercing. The harshness sometimes evokes the viewers more that the works I’ve always done–a precious, sweet and maybe elegant way. Maybe change of subject matter will help me to express my attitude.

Here are pictures from Layla’s wordpress site:


~ by xilain on November 1, 2011.

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