Castle in the Sky–Where does the idea come from

Key Word One:  In the Sky

For the final project, I decided to do a landscape design.
There are other options that sound very interesting to me, but my final
decision is made upon something I wanted to do for a long time. My inspiration
for the final project came from Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky, a story about a
long-lost princess of the legendary castle in the sky. This castle in Miyazaki’s
movie is floating in the sky and surrounded by storms and clouds, which may
ruin all the unexpected visitors. The castle is full of wealth and plenty:
undefeatable robot guards, exuberant floral and plants, and jewels and gold piled
up in mountains. Every time I watch the movie I cry for its final leasing from
the earth, entering the cosmic outer space for eternal peace. Thus, I’m now
creating my own castle, which will float and stays in the sky, in my childhood’s
dream forever.
Here are several pictures about this castle. The whole
castle is built upon a gigantic tree whose roots are tightly enclosing around a
floating stone, or min.


Here is how the tree looks like when it’s detached from the
castle, the cause of trouble. Because of it’s powerful weapons and wealth, villains
come for conquering the world with the strength of the castle, leaving the species
in the tree no peace. Eventually the princess, a 13 year old gird, deconstruct
the castle by giving up all the possible power and fortune she could’ve gained,
releasing the tree for freedom. Here are the interwoven and prosperous roots.

This castle seems to be centered with evilness and greedy,
however, the castle I am about to build is about the beauty and serenity of
ancient Chinese architecture, which is very similar to the ancient buildings
that appears in Miyazaki’s works.
Here is one from spirited away. This is the main construction in the movie, a bath
for gods of this wonder land, where all the stories take place.

The magic floating stone is quite the center of the story, so here I just want to show you how it looks like. The one supporting the castle is much much bigger. Maybe my castle will be supported by the same one, or maybe it will just stay for the magic power.






















My ideas about my castle, so far, stop here. And I will come
up with more thoughts and plan when I start putting everything together.



~ by xilain on November 6, 2011.

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