Reflection and Critiques from Painting 4

This class was exciting yet intriguing. Still lives are something
I’ve been done for a long time and is the major training I received for the
past few years.  However, what I acquired
from this class is very different from what I experience before.

I love the settled effect of light playing over this pure white bottle. The whole setting of white objects are tempting for painting.

Frist, the material is new. I used acquirlic for wall
painting and some other flat works, but never used it to deliver a 3 dimensional
sense. It has similar quality as oil’s but dries faster and is water soluble. And
it’s opaque feature differentiate from water color, which doesn’t allow any

Second, the concentration on value and shape. There was no
sketched and lines allowed during the whole process, pushing me to focus on
just the value and shape of the still lives. It is very hard for me to not
sketch, and if I did any I would try to cover it up as fast as I would.  By using only one color other than white, I
developed the skill to adjust and blend one color into various value and apply
then on different situation in the painting. From the lightest light to the
darkest dark, light and value play the key role in forming the composition.

Third, the “break”. I enjoyed the break we had in the middle
of the process and found many inspirations from my peers’ works. Volyncia’s  piece, as Maria puts it, is “delicious”.
Somehow her use of light is very well defined yet dynamic. She didn’t limit
herself in the stereotype of still life, but transformed it into a dramatic
way. Also from her work, I realize that I was too concentrated on the objects that
I ignored the settings in which the still lives were put. And after this I
added the dark area which defines the edge of the table and the negative space.
I found watching others’ works intriguing while not finishing the work is more
effective than only have a over look at their final piece, but not knowing the
concrete steps they took.



Fourth, the time constrain. Time became a big issue to me
this time. But the intensity it brought me pushed me to jump over the details
and go directly to the main issues such as lights, values and overall effect. I
left no time to go into the details and this added more drama to my works. If I
was given more time I wouldn’t expect the result to be better than this.


~ by xilain on November 7, 2011.

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