Development of Ideas


I found some pictures online and watched several
documentaries about a Chinese loyal garden, Yuanming Garden (Yunaming Yuan) and
Daming Place (Daming gong). It seems that the main constructions of these
architectures are wood, with tile-covered roof and column-supported portals. To
raise the height of the buildings, there are usually long stairs, connecting several
stages and leading up to the main construction.

Since the tile work roofs are too heavy for the wooden
construction below, Chinese architecture, even the imperial ones, don’t have
multiple levels.  And here is the court
for the empire and his minions.

Here is a watch tower that is rested upon the walls.
The tall walls surround the palaces and gardens are usually symbols of
power. The higher the owner’s position is, the taller the wall is. And this is
from the documentary Daming Gong.

Many buildings are connected by corridors, and here is a typical one, from the
Summer Palace in Beijing, where I visited last summer. The frieze under the
roofs is the highlight of the construction. They are frames by similar patterns
that resemble sky, ocean, symbols of fortune and peace.

There are many good pictures that I found online, and I went
to the Forbidden City to see the architecture and decorations and kept some
records. However, I wasn’t able to transfer them from my phone to the computer,
because the usb drive is somehow not working.

Here is a closer look at the freize. They are incredible,
but I’m not sure if I will incorporate them into my painting, because they are
too complicated and too into details. I won’t be able to dsplay the landscape
with all these details.


~ by xilain on November 10, 2011.

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