Development of Ideas and Sketches

Post 4

More researches and some sketches.

I thought about Feng Shui today, while I was looking for
materials about Chinese ancient architecture. This is a great idea to put into
my painting. In the ancient Chinese folk theory, the sky is a orb and the land
is a square. Thus, most of the Chinese ancient buildings are in longitudinal and
rectangular plan. These planning allude to a sense of stability, serenity and monumentality.

Feng means wind, while Shui means water. The Chinese believed
that the best place must have a perfect flow of energy, thus both mountains and
waters are necessary in acquiring a sustainable flow of energy within the environment.
Now I decide to add flowing water into my castle, or in this case, a palace. I
found many interesting theories on the imperial Chinese ancient palaces, and
they are included in my research book which I will photograph and post online

Here are some pictures about water in Yuanming Yuan, the
royal garden in Beijing. The water looks so peaceful, and the waves are quite dynamic.



~ by xilain on November 11, 2011.

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