Progress 1

Getting Started!!!

Stage 1:

Here is my very initial sketch of the central buildings in my “palace”. It folows the symmetrical planning, and includes many stairs. The main building is flaked by two other smaller watch towers, or minor constructions.

And as you can see, the main palace is from this picture below.

The only thing I worried about it is so far it looks very flat. I hope I’ll fix that in the following steps.

Stage 2:

Filling in more architectures.

I don’t quite know how to draw the stones, so it’s very hard for me to draw the base, or the montain that will dominate my composition.  The pictures below helped.

I studies some real stones when I went to Smoky Montain last week.



And the picture below really helped me understand the floating sense and how can I convey the hard edges of the rocks.

And finally here is what I have for the rocky montain.




~ by xilain on November 12, 2011.

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