Paired pieces

After finishing the center piece, I feel there need to be more dynamic components included in my project. So I started painting these “zoomed in” pieces.

This painting, specifically, is inspired by sunset. Here are some pictures that inspired me:

This is in the Summer Palace, right behind the 17-arch bridges. I love the silhouette of the building and the bridge, and the reflection of sun set upon water. The contrast between bright yellow and dark, mysterious blue are just what I want to include into my painting series.

This is how I finished this piece of my own:

I love how the light effect turned out to be. This is my very first time trying using colors like this, and adapt silhouette in my painting.

The second company piece is inspired by the frieze under the roof. The construction under the roof is extremely complicated. There was never one nail used in these architecture, the top of the roof and the columns are connected by mortise and tenon, a special technique invented by ancient Chinese carpenters.

And here is one simple example of a mortise and tenon structure:

And here is how the frieze would look like on the outside:

Also, when I was walking around the campus, I saw the roof of the old science building and think the light effect is quite tremendous. The blue sky as a background really pushes out the subject in the front. And I decided to include the same kind of sky in my picture.

And finally this is my painting and how I get there:


~ by xilain on November 20, 2011.

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