Statement for Final Project

This work is inspired by Miyazaki’s movie Castle in the Sky. I would cry every time I watch that movie, and feel lost when the castle was eventually released into the outer space. Instead of a traditionally recognized western stone castle, I decided to draw myself an Asian one. Growing up with Miyazaki’s movies, I’ve been dreaming about a castle like this for a long time, and this is a project for mine and many other girls’ childhood.

The main landscape is a pyramidal rocky mountain with floral and trees. The main building, where the empire (if there is one) would administrate the whole country, rest in the center of the picture plane. Its yellow earthenware roof, a symbol of Chinese empirical power, is supported by red wooden columns below. In most of Chinese ancient architecture, columns are paint red and would be repainted periodically.  Red, color of fire, was used to drive way monsters and devils, now is a symbol for fortune, wealth, power and luck. According to the Fengshui theory, the energy of nature circulate smoothly with the flow of water, wind, rock, wood and gold, the five major elements. I added waterfalls and floating streams not only to active the atmosphere of the non-human landscape, but also to display the circulation and harmony within the space.

I had trouble to concrete this dream with specific architects, so the buildings and artificial constructions in the mountain are sourced from existed Chinese gardens and palaces. The towel in the upper left corner is a copy of the Great Goose Pagoda, and the corridors are inspired by the ones in the Summer Palace in Beijing, where I visited last summer. The symmetric composition and detailed ornamental decoration are from Yuanmin Yuan (Palace of the Great Light). The bridge on the middle right, however, is a typical construction in Japanese architecture.

Every single piece displayed here was originally painted on rectangular papers, but I believe the torn edges make the whole plane more organic. The strings attached to the separated pieces are a self-oriented element. They can be seen as waterfalls, clouds, or even speed. Overall, I think this is a complete dream. I devoted all my heart on this carefree paradise to commemorate my childhood, and the movements and emotion I had towards a floating castle.


~ by xilain on December 9, 2011.

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