Putting them together!

Here are some pictures I took that helped me with the color. The blue sky, billowing clouds and odd-shaped pine tree are all included in my major painting.

And here is what I did to finish the major picture off.

So far there are only three company pieces, so I added another one to the group. This fits the color palette better.

I had trouble putting these separate paintings together. They are on the same subject matter; by somehow they don’t look unified. I can’t decide what to do with them so I put them up on the all first. I loved the one featuring sunset, and can’t get rid of it by pulling it out from my collection.

My professor Nell helped me with photoshop, and showed me the effect of tearing the edges off. I struggled on this suggestion, but I agree that the rectangular outlines are too rigid to my theme, a magical world, so I decided to tear them up.

To attach every piece together, I dieted some strings with blue and stick it in waves  to connect my scattered pieces. Here is the process how I did it.

Ahere is my working table.

According to my peers’ comments, I took the heavy-colored piece out of the group and preplaced it with another picture resembling sky. Here is the final version.

The open studio

I really enjoyed the open studio, where our class works are exhibited and seen by the public. Every gaze from the audience on my works nervous me and excites me.  And here are some pictures of the studio open house.


nd this is my wall:


Can you believe how long the strings are!?


~ by xilain on December 11, 2011.

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